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A course on Market Testing

Hands-on Rapid Innovation is a course taught around the world on how to create, execute and understand market tests so that the market potential of a product or service can be assessed.  Using the Rapid Innovation Cycle (RIC), participants learn ways to think differently about design, prototyping, business creation and typically transcend boundaries about what they thought was possible.  The course was started because of the observed need to teach a more hands-on approach to technology and business development–especially with regard to the current economic crisis in Spain and other countries in Europe.  It is our hope that the students in our class can create successful small-businesses providing a new source of jobs creation.


Summer 2012 (18 June – 17 August)

Early registration sign-up form here

DemoDayUPM 2011 – A success!! Rock on to the first set of Hands-on Rapid Innovation Alums!!

The winners of the DemoDay – Team A´s and B´s with their Marsh-o-matic!  They tell their story below.  Here the remaining 7 stories, watch here in our media section.

The first set of alumni from Hands-on Rapid Innovation at DemoDay Fall 2011



Fall 2011


15 Dec 2011 – Hands-on Rapid Innovation DemoDay – Details: Thursday, from 3:30-5:30pm in Escuela Técnica Superior de los Ingenieros Aeronáuticos en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid!  The event will be in the Claustro which is on the 2nd floor of the building upon entry.

13 December 2011Amovens.com Founders will be with us sharing their start-up experience!

1 December 2011 – Tentative date for the Fulbright / Hands-on Rapid Innovation Language Intercambio

1 December 2011PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY(POSTPONED).  Trailer here

30 November 2011 – Creacion de Empresas – Start-up Finals and Awards (read more here)

25-27 November 2011iWeekend – Start-up camp where you basically identify, build and pitch your idea in one weekend (think Rapid Innovation Cycle Weekend :)

22 November 2011 – Tentative date for the MBA / Techie Mixer, Location identified, details are coming.

17 November 2011 – Zubin Chapgar and Team win the 2011, I.E. Venture Days Business Plan competition with their new innovative!  Congratulations gentlemen!  This competition was part of a larger conference called Venture Days: The Entrepreneur as a Hero of the Global Recovery (view agenda)

For the OG, BuddyGripper´ed version…where you view this winning talk through the eyes of a mouse, see the link below:


10 November 2011Global Executive Mentor Mr. Shani Shoham speaks to Hands-on Rapid Innovation about the current landscape of VCs (micro VCs) and what VCs find most important (team, execution, IP / Barriers, Idea and Assumptions). One point we found interesting is that teams are much more likely to get funded with functioning prototypes and almost zero startups get funded with *just* an idea (proven and credible serial entrepreneurs excluded).

8 November 2011 – 15h30 Aula 12, ETSIA: Executive Mentor Roundtable – Student teams pitched (review the Pitch Slides here) their market tests and ideas to mentors and received a TON of feedback.  Check out the video below!

3 November 2011 – 16h15 Aula 12, ETSIA: Sandra Garrido Sotomayor – Business Model Generation Expert, located in Madrid, Spain will provide a workshop entitled, “diseña tu modelo de negocio.”  She informs me it will be “hands on.” Please read about Ms. Garrido Sotomayor here.

25 October 2011 – 4:15 Aula 12, ETSIA: Igor Tasic – Founder and CEO of Atlantico Partners in Madrid, Spain talks about “Effectuation and Early Stage Investments.”  Come get a “taste” for entrepreneurship.  Read more and download his published paper.

Open Now – Techie / MBAer Mixer Sign-up Form (SignUp Now)

Open Now – Fulbright Scholar / UPM Entrepreneur Intercambio (SignUp Now)

Details for Fall 2011:

  • When: Tu Th, 15h30 – 17h00
  • Duration: 13 October 2011 to 15 December 2011
  • Where: Escuela Técnica Superior de los Ingenieros Aeronáuticos (ETSIA on Google Maps): Aula 12 (Directions from closest Metro: Ciudad Universitaria, PDF, YouTube Video)
  • Chris McCoy´s Office Hours: Tuesday / Thursday 17h00 – 18h00 (make appointment)
  • Walter Foxworth´s Office Hours: Wednesday 13h00-14h00, Friday 14h00-15h00 (by appointment)

Course Resources and Announcements:

Rapid Innovation Cycle

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